Retroactive Post - April 23, 2011

Saturday. I continued on with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (nothing overly exciting happening) and played some Full House Poker.

I’ve been playing the Live events on Full House Poker on the xbox. I did OK on Saturday, I don’t remember much. I finished near the top a couple times on the Triple Diamond Table (the top table). Something is a bit wonky with the network code on this game - I can’t seem to get into games with other humans on these live events. One of my friends was on, and we ended up being able to play together, and a couple other people were there too, but really, with 7000+ people playing over all, there should be more than 4 humans playing in a room of 30. I’ve already maxed out my level for the game and now I am just trying to finish these live events with a lot of XP to get a gold medal - I have a few unlockables left to get in this spring tournament season.

Retroactive Post - April 22, 2011

Another retro-post. According to Raptr I played Red Dead Redemption, Peggle Deluxe and Peggle Nights. I know I also did a bunch of work on my Minecraft home.

So to start with the Peggle games - my mom and dad have been playing them. I’ve played a fair amount of both of them. My mom was stuck on a level so I was going through the games and trying to figure out where she was so I could help her. I didn’t actually play any of the levels.

Minecraft Update: I dug my way to the top of the cliff and started expaning my home in that direction. I decided since I was now above ground I could make a small farm area to collect wheat, cactus and reeds. I built a cactus farm that houses 8 cactus that automatically get harvested when they try to grow. I had a couple wheat seeds and started that farm too. I then built an area for reed harvesting - however, I didn’t have any reeds. I went on a long quest to find some, I should have returned home after I harvested my first 3 pieces - that’s all I really needed to start the farm but I continued futher, eventually getting blown up by a creeper at night. Still, I managed to gather a bunch more reeds and 5 pumpkins. On the way back to my cliff home, I went past my friend’s giant house that he was building. I left 2 pumpkins planted outside his front door as a gift.

Red Dead Redemption - Last year I had bought the Undead Nightmare DLC for the game. I didn’t play very far, but it seemed like a pretty straightforward addon, and I didn’t expect too much from it. I stopped playing for whatever reason but decided to pick it up again on Saturday. To my surprise, it was a lot longer than I expected and its really quite well done. There was a lot more to do in the addon than I first thought there was and I kept finding more. Feels almost like another whole game on its own, well worth the price. 

I had managed to find a really cool horse in the game - War, one of the 4 horses of the apocalypse. He can light enemies on fire as you run by. I was working on a mission, and kind of slid off a steep slope while riding him - we both slid to the bottom and unfortunately he died. When I called for a new horse, the next one to show up was just my regular one. I’ll have to wait to find the next mythical one now I guess.

Retroactive Post - April 21, 2011

According to my twitter I played Portal 2. I was a bit sick on Thursday and didn’t play all that much. I know I also played Minecraft.

A friend and I rent our own Minecraft mulitplayer server. We generated a new world recently. Near the spawn point there was a large cliff face - I’ve decided to make that my home, and I’ve dug extensive tunnels there. I’ll post screen shots next time I play Minecraft.

As for Portal 2, I finished the game earlier in the week. I have been re-playing with the developer commentary, which is interesting. Some of the puzzles however, I forget how I solved them the first time, so its taking a while to get to all the commentary nodes.

I don’t remember much about my gaming sessions on Thursday so I will end this here.

First Post

I’m going to talk about the games I play here - occasionally I will have bad things to say, but I generally don’t play games I don’t like. 

I use an application called Raptr ( that tracks what I play every day and posts at Midnight to my twitter. It isn’t perfect so I’ll try fill in the blanks.

I will post screen shots when I can. These aren’t reviews, this is more like a gaming-journal where I can describe my thoughts on the games I play.